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Curatron 2000 HT

Curatron is available in three different models for the home, office or professional medical clinic.  See main Curatron page for different options.  All Curatron models have a stronger magnetic field strength than QRS.  Model 2000 HT is our popular Home model. Curatron is an International leader in PEMF research and development. Curatron is made in Israel.  Prices starting from only $2,995.00



QRS is a complete Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy System designed for home use or office.  Comes with full length body mat, local applicator mat, control panel and complete instructions. Optional Magnetic Pen applicator.  Three basic programs with 10 intensity adjustments. Magnetic field strength is in the micro-telsa range that is more in line with the human body's own energies. QRS is made in Germany.

Basic Price - $3,950.00

Magnetic Pulser
MP-5 - Magnetic Pulser by Sota Instruments produces a powerful and penetrating magnetic pulse every 4 seconds.  There is a 20 minute timer, led indicators and an audible tone (can be de-activated) with every completed pulse.  The rounded wand in the photo contains a large, wound copper coil that is  positioned over the target area.  Pulsed magnetic fields do not cause any sensation or shock.  Can be safely used on animals with great results. Magnetic Pulser is an important part of the Sota Products Kit.

Price is - $350.00


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