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Electronic Dispensary

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This is the digital pharmacy that comes with your HT System. It contains over 2600 proven electronic remedies. Single remedies or up to 30 remedies can be mixed and matched into any treatment composition .
All categories can be easily added to by the user with the data matrix scanner utility.

Categories of Remedies in the Dispensary
75 antidotes to common allergies
Amino Acids:
38 amino acids and related compounds
Chinese Herbs:
825 Chinese herbs listed by there Chinese names
Two forms of healing clay
27 purely electronically composed medicines to initiate or stop biological functions
Crystals and Minerals:
55 crystalline minerals with known healing properties
Digestive System:
25 remedies specific to the digestive system
60 biologically active enzymes
135 promotions or antidotes for psycho physiological states
Flower Remedies 1:
Bach Flower type set of 37 flower remedies
Flower Remedies 2:
Extended set of 135 flower remedies
Herbal Cominations:
25 potent mixtures of healing herbs
Herbs 1:
45 common western herbs
Homeopathic Combos:
22 effective combinations of standard homeopathic medicines
Homeopathic Nosodes:
120 homeopathic antidotes to known pathogens
Homeopathic Sarcodes:
198 homeopathic antidotes to diseased tissues
91 standard homeopathic remedies
Hormones 1:
7 human hormones and related compounds
Hormones 2:
107 biologically active hormones
Human Growth Factors:
16 growth factors
Immune Factors:
33 immune system factors
199 antidotes to known infectious organisms
Infections 2:
75 antidotes to infectious conditions
15 antidotes to common metals
22 mineral remedies
48 nutrient based remedies
Ray Cards:
10 remedies based on the 10 most useful Ray cards
26 remedies made with information from the Celtic Runes
26 promotions and antidotes made from human tissues
75 antidotes to common toxins
Urinary Tissues:
20 Promotions for human urinary tissues
Vaccines 1:
17 antidotes to vaccine side effects
39 vitamin remedies