Harmonic Translation System

Turn Your Computer into an Electronic Wellness Center

Make Your Own Homeopathic Remedies

The HT System represents a major advance in the field of electronic medicine, going far beyond radionics, and EAV type technology (electro-acupuncture according to Voll). Harmonic Translation refers to the translation of biologically active information into synthesized frequency shifts in sound, color, geometry and electromagnetic signals.  The Harmonic Translation System 9.3 is not simply a machine that performs a number of healing activities, it is a true synthesizer of electronic medicine.  An instrument that is adaptable, and that can function equally well in any complimentary modality.
The HTS is user friendly.  One can learn to operate it within a few hours of practice. Harmonic Translation System includes a large menu of features, capabilities and functions.

The HT System 9.3 is a computerized instrument for the analysis and composition of subtle energies. Used mostly as a tool in alternative healing therapies, this instrument can also be used to promote new psycho-spiritual states of mind and emotional equilibrium. The HTS system can also be used to analyze and repair damage to plants and agricultural fields.

Diagnostic Functions

* Measure energy values for all organs, organ systems and metabolic functions
* Find and measure energetic pathologies and toxicity anywhere in the body
* Test all known modalities to find the right approach for each person
* Test foods, supplements, and medicines
* Run any test for people or animals with direct contact to the body or from a small hair sample
* Create your own diagnostic programs quickly and easily
* Print out diagnostic reports or store them in client files

Diagnostic programs that come preprogrammed with the HT System

Supplements - analyze the clients need for over 60 vitamins, minerals and food supplements

Standard -  analyze all organ systems, organs, parts and tissues of the physical body.  Separate stress and vitality readings can be taken for all body parts providing a deep scan of whole body functions 

Spinal - take vitality and stress readings on vertebrae, intervertebral disks and support structures

Nutritional - analyze the bodies need for and stress reactions to over 180 basic foods

Brain Cortexes - analyze 24 areas of the brain to determine levels of activity or dysfunction

Chinese -  analyze by element and meridian

Chakras -  take readings on the relative level of energy and degree of blockage in the chakras 

You can quickly and easily create your own diagnostic programs that measure any parameters you wish

Treatment Functions

Make your own Homeopathic Remedies from within the HTS program. You can even scan a store-bought
homeopathic remedy into the Harmonic Translation System and store this as a file. Then, you can make copies of the remedy anytime you need it. Like having your own electronic homeopathic pharmacy!

  • Over 2000 medicinal items in the ELECTRONIC DISPENSARY. You can quickly scan new medicinal items into your dispensary.

    HT System 9.3 Electronic Dispensary Programs

  • Compose electronic treatments by selecting medicines from the electronic dispensary
  • Create an electronic treatment eCapsule that can be sent as an e-mail attachment
  • Combine sound, color and geometry in treatment for greater effect
  • Over 100 pre-programmed healing sessions based on common conditions
  • Output electronic medicine you have composed as shifting frequencies of sound, color and animated geometries
  • Create homeopathic remedies, flower, and gem elixir remedies as needed

The e-capsule Treatment Delivery System

As well as being able to output treatments as sound, light and graphics and record these as audio or video, the HT system can configure any composed treatment into what we call e-capsules. These are complete multimedia treatments compressed into small files that can be sent to clients anywhere in the world via e mail and can be played as needed by the client on their own computers. E-capsules can be programmed by the user as to the number of doses of electronic medicine to dispense as well as an expiration date for the electronic prescription.  To experience e capsule treatments on their own computers, clients must have the e dispenser program which they get for free from you (the practitioner).  The e dispenser program works like an electronic medicine cabinet and is free ware that can be given to anyone. This feature allows practitioners to cultivate and service a global clientele regardless of their geographical location.

Research Functions

The HT System is a computerized instrument for the analysis and composition of subtle energies. Used mostly as a tool in alternative healing therapies, this instrument can also be used to promote new psycho-spiritual states of mind and emotional equilibrium. The HT System can also be used to analyze and repair damage to plants and agricultural fields.

* Accelerate research protocols with fast electronic kinesiology for analysis
* Test new medicines and remedies before they are actually used

* Experimentally create new electronic medicinal items, edit and test them for effect

Harmonic Translation System Operating Manual

Harmonic Translation System Includes

HT System software (version 9.3)
eDispenser software (version 1)

HT System Omega Translator Device 

Electronic Kinesiological Reaction Plate 

Cables and Connectors 

Operator Manual 

Training Video 

Computer System Requirements 

PC computer running windows OS (win95, 98, Me, NT,2000, and XP, Windows 10)
150 Megahertz chip speed or faster 

200 megabytes hard drive space 

CD Rom 

Note - computer is not included with purchase of HTS

Harmonic Translation System - $6,800.00

U.S. and Canada - we accept all major credit cards
Overseas Orders - requires direct bank wire transfer. Instructions will be sent upon
confirmation of order.

All Sales are Final and Non-refundable

Shipping and handling 

Federal Express - $60.00 in U.S. - $185.00 overseas 

Regular Post - $20.00 in U.S. - $70.00 overseas 

Harmonic Translation System Two Year Warranty 

New Science warranties the Harmonic Translation Software to be functional and free of defects. New Science will replace defective software as needed to the original purchaser. New Science warranties the Harmonic translation hardware to be free of defects for two years from the date of purchase . New Science will replace defective hardware at no cost to the original purchaser during this time. Harmonic Translation hardware is factory sealed. Breaking the factory seals voids all warranties. The Harmonic Translation System is a unique software product and is returnable only for replacement of defective hardware and software.

Disclaimer: the Harmonic Translation System is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.



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