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Far Infrared TDP Mineral Lamps
Floor and Desk Models


* Single Head Digital and Manual Control Floor Lamp

* Single Head Desk Lamp

* Dual Head Floor Lamp

Far Infrared Half Dome 

This FIR Dome design concentrates Far Infrared Heat on the Torso or Back for a deeply penetrating therapy.  Insulated end flaps keep the heat enclosed in the dome.

Costs Hundreds of Dollars less than similar MLM product.  Padded mat is not included with purchase.



Vita-Mat Far Infrared Therapy Mat

The Vita-Mat Far Infrared Mat features a unique patented wiring design that eliminates the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution.   Graduated temp. control. 

Two sizes to choose from:  Single and Double Size. Great therapeutic benefits for the entire body.  Use for 20 min. a day up to several hours. 


Personal Far Infrared Sauna - I-Spa

The perfect soluton for busy people on the move. Light weight, portable Far-Infrared Sauna that is easy to set up and fold away.  Unlike far infrared mats or lamps that focus the far infrared energy on a smaller area. The personal infrared sauna treats your entire body, just like expensive saunas costing thousands of dollars.  These saunas are great for home use, the office or traveling.  Features include a neg. Ion module to help keep surface areas clean of germs and there is the option of a free standing ceramic heater for fast warm-up.


Far Infrared Full Length Sauna Dome

The Sauna Dome is a full body enclosure Far Infrared Therapy system designed for home use or Spa.  The adjustable shell pulls out to 72 inches long and is 25 inches wide and 18 inches high.  The control box  enables timer and temperature control.  Includes water resistant body mat.

Full five year warranty on the shell and three years on control box.  Enjoy the many benefits of full body infrared heat therapy in the privacy of your own home or office.  Far Infrared Heat induces sweating and expands the capillaries and blood vessels promoting efficient removal of toxins from the body.  There is also a great caloric loss that helps with any weight loss program.

Lightworks - High Intensity Led Therapy

Lightworks features Eight different pulse programs, plus Constant mode using Dr. Paul Nogier frequencies.

A thru G plus a continuous frequency program and a scanning program that goes from setting - Constant + A through G for four min. each .  The applicator has high intensity Leds on both sides.  There are 60 Red Leds at  660nm wavelength and 55 Leds at 880nm in the Near Infrared Range.  Micro-processor controlled, constant  current for even energy output.  Hand set cord plugs into base unit with telephone style jack.

There is no other Led system on the market in this price range utilizing such advanced technology. Competing products can cost over $1,000.00.

DPL - Cosmetic LED Light Panels

Now a younger, smoother looking complextion can be yours in just minutes a day with your personal Spa-Quality LED beauty light system. Your skin begins to respond from its very first nine minute session and continues to improve over time with twice daily sessions of nine minutes each. DPL therapy stimulates and invigorates your skin from the surface to the deepest levels. Moisturizes and tonifies the skin and reduces dryness and blemishes.




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