Pyro-Energen II

The Pyro-Energen II offers a method of effectively and rapidly feeding your body with millions of beneficial negative charged ions. Many people are aware of the benefits of the many types of anti-oxidants available as supplements from the health food stores. Anti-oxidants have become very popular due to their known ability to neutralize the free radical reactions occuring continuously in the body. The scientific literature indicates that free radical damage contributes to pre-mature aging and sub-optimal health. The negative charged ions from the Pyro-Energen act to help neutralize free radical reactions and damage. However, instead of taking numerous supplement pills throughout the day, you simple place your feet upon the Pyro-Energen ion plate for a desired time period while your body absorbs the negative ions. Pyro-Energen uses a DC electric field to produce negatively charged static electricity. There is no current or voltage that penetrates the body of the user, so it is perfectly safe. Many people achieve desired results by several 20 minutes sessions per day. Faster results are possible with a longer session time. It is very convenient to place your feet upon the top of the Pyro-Energen metal ion screen while reading or watching television. The sensation of using the Pyro-Energen is one of very pleasant relaxation within just a few minutes. Tensions seem to melt away, leaving you relaxed and energized!

How to Use the Pyro-Energen

Pyro-Energen generates millions of negative ions of static electricity and creates a bubble of energy around your body. The Pyro-Energen is very easy to use.

First, you should find a location at home or office where you can keep the Pyro-Energen stored for easy access and use and where it will not be in the way of children, pets and so forth.

Then, you will need a non-conducting chair to sit on during the session. A good solid wooden chair or a plastic patio type of chair is good as you want to be isolated from the ground. Do not use a metal folding chair or any chair with metal framing or arm rest. You will also need a non-conductive foot stool or simple footrest made of plastic or wood, such as a simple one-step stool most people have to reach things in a higher shelf in the kitchen. If you do not have something like this, they are found in most large discount type stores for just a few dollars. The idea is to keep all of the negative ion energies channeled into your body and not draining off into other materials.

Whenever possible, remove metal items from your body, such as watches, jewelry, bras using metal wire, necklaces, wrist chains and so forth. Also, remove cell phones or iphones, etc. from pockets.

Connect the Pyro-Energen voltage connector cable alligator plug from the back of the unit to the metal foot rest plate and place the metal foot rest off of the ground and on to the plastic or wooden foot stool in order to isolate the metal material from any conductive surface.

To activate the unit, it is convenient to have the Pyro-Energen plugged into a switchable power strip with a voltage surge suppressor. Switch the power strip extension unit to the ON position and then place your feet on to the metal footplate. When your session is finished, simply remove your feet from the metal screen and then switch your power strip off. Do not touch the power strip ON/OFF switch while your feet are still on the metal plate.

Simply place your feet on to the aluminum ion screen. It is ok to wear cotton socks. You will generally feel a very slight tingling sensation upon the initial contact with the ion plate and this can startle some people, but be assured that this is not in any way harmful. You should conduct your Pyro-Energen sessions during a quiet time and place where you will not be disturbed. When you place your feet upon the metal plate, your body quickly absorbs millions of negative ions that are charged particles. Therefore, if someone touches you, that will interrupt the negative ion flow permeating your body and they will feel a slight static shock, similar to walking across a carpet and touching your finger onto a metal door knob. Likewise, if you have pets (dogs or cats) and they jump onto your lap, they will also receive a mild static charge.

When you put you feet on the aluminum ion screen, you become charged with negative static electricity and you become a negative ion generator. If you hold the tip of your finger near a small scrap of paper, you will be able to see the paper begin to lift up and move. If you touch any object once your feet are on the plate, you will receive a static electricity shock on your finger tip. This will happen even if you were to reach out and touch a wooden desk or decide to pick up a book or magazine to read. Therefore, if you wish to read a book or magazine during your session, it is a good idea to be holding this before placing your feet upon the plate.

The Pyro-Energen produces a voltage of approximately 18,000 Volts, but with a very low current. The voltage is isolated from the produced static field by a series of resistors. Even though the static charge is high enough to produce a slight spark, there is no risk of dangerous electrical shock to the body.

Cautionary note: static electricity can damage sensitive electronic equipment. People with implanted electronic equipment such as heart pacers should not use this equipment without checking with their physician first. Likewise, do not pick up or touch your cellphones, cordless phones, computers, iphones and so forth. We cannot be responsible for any damage to your electronic devices.

Notice: This equipment is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any condition or disease. Pyro-Energen is the result of some 40 years of research and development.

Pyro-Energen Specifications

Pyro-Energen Unit
Metal Foot Rest Screen
Connector Cable - to the metal foot rest plate
Operator Manual
Built-in Negative Air Ionizer
AC Power Cord

Power Consumption - less than 1 Watt
Dimensions - 10.0 x 7.5 x 3.25
Voltage Mains Input - 110 to 260 Volts. Internal voltage approx. 18,000 Volts
Weight - 4.5 pounds - 2 kgs.
Two year parts and labor warranty.

$1,199.00 price includes Free shipping in the USA. International customers please Email for rates


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