GNT Bio Energizer

  GNT BioenergizerFor more than 2500 years, oriental doctors have studied the human bioenergetic field and discovered chi-gong, an energy exercise that strengthens the bioenergy. With the Bio-Energizer, Natural Chi-Gong is easy to practice, allowing the body to spontaneously respond according to its own needs. It is highly efficient because you are recharged by an unlimited source of healthy energy - the universe.
There are no restrictions in time, location, orientation, or bodily position. ANYONE can practice, regardless of age or condition.

Here's how it works

The Bio-Energizer is an electronic instrument that is designed to Simulate the bioenergetic healing energy of a Chi Gong Master.  It has two control knobs: One is the ON/OFF switch and a Sound Volume Control, and the other is a Pulse Rate adjustment for Faster or Slower signal pulse.  The sound of the Bio-Energizer is like a popping sound.  You can choose to turn this sound off if desired and this will not influence the effectiveness of the Bio-Energizer healing influence. By electronically simulating the healthy bioenergetic field of the highest level chi-gong masters, the Bio-Energizer has been programmed to emit this healthy bioenergetic field. Based on the principle of resonance, your distorted and weakened bioenergetic field will be restored and your self-healing capacity will be intensified. The Bio-Energizer is best used while sitting or standing several feet in front of the unit for 15 minutes a day, with healing intentions in mind. However, the Bio-Energizer will work even if one is laying down, in bed, sofa, etc. If you find the click - click sound from the speaker to be annoying, you may turn this down without reducing the effectiveness. Daily use of the Bio-Energizer will produce clearer thinking, more energy, and a new sense of well-being. The BioEnergizer has been affirmed by chi-gong masters and research institutes throughout the world. Awarded the 1999 Best Traditional Chinese Medicine Product in the World. It is the perfect energy balancing tool for today's busy life-styles.

Chi Gong Energy Principles and the BioEnergizer

Chi-Gong is an ancient form of energy exercise started in China more than 2500 years ago. It is the foundation of practices like Tai-Chi, acupuncture, Kung Fu and various martial arts. People who want to be truly healthy and strong practice Chi-Gong as their basic foundation. Some Chi-Gong masters are known to live beyond one hundred years old.However, the ancient form of Chi-Gong is very complicated and hard to learn. Usually it takes five to twenty years or more to be trained and many have had to start during their youth to become a master. It involves complicated methodologies and procedures. Currently in today's world there are more than two thousands different sects, each one being a separate compilation of someone's favorite methodologies and procedures. With so many sects, a person desiring health through this practice is easily lost in this maze.

This is why we recommend the Bio-Energizer, an American style scientific, effective, and easy-to-use method of Chi-Gong. With the help of modern technology, the Bio-Energizer, people seeking this natural and awesome way to health no longer need to search all over the place looking for a Chi-Gong master, nor do they need to pay high tuitions to learn or get lost in all the different approaches and complex practices. We are making Chi-Gong effective, easy and scientific where each person may enjoy the benefits.

The Ancient self healing exercise, started 2500 years ago, is no longer the specialty of a few masters. It is now available for anyone who desires to receive its benefits.

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