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F-Scan3NT is a portable and sophisticated frequency synthesizer made in Switzerland, that offers a large selection of automated and programmable features, accessed via a color touchscreen menu. It can stand alone as a fully portable instrument, or it can be connected and programmed with your PC. Fscan3NT has a special feedback feature (called DIRP) that has the capability of introducing a wide range of frequencies into the subject in order to detect matching Bio-resonance patterns. This capability does not mean that the Fscan3NT has the ability to diagnose any illness or disease condition. Fscan has the capability to recognize pathogenic resonant frequency signatures based upon the energetic imbalances these create. Then, Fscan introduces balancing energies to help restore optimum functioning and well-being. The frequencies that are introduced to the body, can originate from an internal table of Rife and Clark frequencies or from user defined starting and ending points <from .1 Hz. to 3 million Hz.> utilizing the hand-held metallic electrodes. We include a Free copy of the Fscant Software that you can install onto your P.C. This allows you to program your Fscan3NT from your computer and to keep track of session parameters, DIRP scans and more. When not connected to the P.C., the Fscan3NT is operated and programmed through a color touch screen system.

Even if you already own a large sized frequency/resonance instrument, the Fscan3NT is battery operated and portable and gives you access to a full fledged frequency generator at home, the office or while traveling.

DIRP Function

DIRP (Dual Integration Resonance Procedure) is scanning procedure that can automatically transmit a series of pre-set frequencies. This creates a resonant feedback loop where the broadcast frequencies can register a Match within the subject if the particular resonant pattern is present. The resonant frequencies found are stored in the F-Scan and may be used for a subsequent application. Specific prerequisites (detailed in the Instruction Manual) must be met in order to optimize the procedure. DIRP can also be programmed manually to scan a range of frequencies defined by the user. The range of the frequency steps, and the number of steps in the DIRP can be defined with the setting of a lower frequency limit <FMIN> and an upper frequency limit <FMAX>. The step size (DELTA F) between measurements can be defined as well. DIRP scans usually take a few minutes to complete. DIRP results can be transferred to a Windows PC that has the FSCANT analysis software installed. This enables the user to interpret the results of the scan.

To use the frequency scanning function (called DIRP), the subject has a finger sensor attached to the middle finger of the right hand. In the left hand, the subject holds a sensor cylinder. The F-Scan first takes a baseline reading, recording the conductivity and personal standard resonance level. All readings are compared with this and are relayed to the F-Scan screen or to a PC where the individual's information can be logged. If the F-Scan3NT responds to a resonant match, it can then relay a counter-balancing frequency directly to the body. The unit can generate sine, square, and pulsed positive offset Smartwaves. (see more information below). DIRP results can be printed out for future reference.

Fscan3NT can connect to your computer with the included USB connector cable. The special FSCANT software must be installed in the computer in order to utilize the various frequency analysis functions. This offers the user a larger visual view of the session activity (inputs and outputs) and the special Fscant software program can store numerous individual data sets on the computer. One output connector provides a Sine Wave Signal and another output provides a Square Wave Signal. Both signals are offset to the positive polarity, thus creating a broad range of harmonic frequencies. The voltage output level is adjustable. This is the most advanced technology of its kind. Simply stated, there is no other machine near this price range that offers all of the features of the FScan3NT.

Custom Programming

Fscan3NT offers 100 open storage slots for custom programs between one and fifty frequencies. Each program can be individually named. A number of parameters can be assigned to each frequency value including:

* Run Time
* Signal Form - auto, sine, square half wave, square full wave, smart wave and off
* Wobble - allows the frequencies to modulate around the main target frequency
* Envelope - amplitude will oscillate between zero volts peak to peak and the maximum voltage
* Amplitude - the signal strength of square wave signals

Precise Frequency Control

Highly precise frequencies with sine or rectangular wave forms are digitally synthesized. The most advanced technology is utilized and incorporated into the F-Scan3NT which normally require much larger housings and which are generally much more expensive. All functions of the F-Scan3NT are controlled by micro processors. All settings and commands are entered with the display pen on the graphic touch screen. F-Scan3NT can generate individual frequencies in a range from 0.01 Hz to 3 million Hz. F-Scan3 is also pre-programmed for hundreds of the most popular research frequencies. These are stored in permanent memory and can be recalled with ease.

Wobble Function - the F-Scan3NT has a special Wobble function that outputs frequencies in a range Plus or Minus 1,000 Hz. around a target frequency. This is a valuable feature that addresses the possibility of frequency drifting that may occur in the target sample being investigated. Wobbling around the published frequency rate will offer more opportunities for intersecting the proper target frequency.

A PC computer can be used and all of the matching resonant frequency hits are displayed on the screen. On the screen you see the various aspects of frequency, conductivity and the resonance level. If a computer is not used, information can be seen on the F-Scan3NT screen and then are stored in memory. Frequency programming may be transferred from your PC computer with the installed Fscant Software back to the portable Fscan3NT unit for therapy sessions, using the metallic cylinder hand-held electrodes. Fscant software contains a library of Rife and Clark frequencies, the ability to customize frequency programs as well as the comprehensive Dirp analysis software.

Up to 5 sets of 50 matching frequencies can be stored in the F-Scan3NT memory and displayed on a PC computer screen. When it is full, that series can be run, or stored in longer term memory (up to 5 sets of 50 can be saved in memory) or it can be saved as a text file or spreadsheet file.

F-Scan3NT - Model FTB 136 Features

  • Touch Screen - fixed position, back-lit color screen - all settings and commands are entered on the touch screen
  • DIRP - (dual integration resonance procedure) biofeedback function with finger electrode sensor. Scans automatically for resonance matches. The DIRP feature can cover the entire frequency range of the Fscan. DIRP scans must be made using a Sine Wave. DIRP scans are run from a frequency range of 50kHz. to 3MHz.
  • Programmability - provides capacity to store up to 100 data sets (until overwritten). Each data set can consist of up to 50 frequencies complete with names and all individual settings or the results of DIRP runs and EAP analysis can be stored
  • Permanent Library Function - with large selection of applications
  • Up to 460 User-Defined Frequency Sets - with up to 30 values each - can be created and saved for future recall
  • Zapper Program - pre-set Zapper program set at 40,000 Hz.
  • EAP - electro acupuncture capability is built into the Fscan3NT for use by professionals. An optional purchased EAP set is needed in order to use this feature
  • Smart-Wave - permanent positive half wave (0Vpp to 12Vpp, with DC offset) Modulates the assigned wave form with a higher frequency
  • Multi-signal Output port - for sine and square wave signals. Switches automatically to square wave mode if the frequency output is under 65,000 Hz. and switches automatically to Sine Wave mode if the frequency output is over 65,000 Hz. The user can over ride this function with a touch of the wave form icon.
  • Power Port - can accommodate accessories such as the Magnetic Coil without a separate amplifier
  • Square Wave Frequency Operating Range - 0.01 Hz. to 100 kHz. Adjustable Amplitude - Full Wave.
    Square Wave - 0.01 Hz. to 100 kHz. - Adjustable Amplitude with DC-OFFSET
  • Sine Wave Frequency Operating Range - 0.01 Hz and 3MHz.
  • SWEEP Mode - for wide-band application of frequencies with user selectable beginning and ending frequency. Sweep mode runs for a set time of 20 minutes. Frequencies bands below 65kHz. are output with a square wave positive offset. Frequencies over 65KHz. will output as a sine wave.
  • Sub-Scan Mode - saves time in detecting resonant matches over a smaller range
  • WOBBLE Mode - allows the signal to swing around the target frequency in a band selectable in 27 steps between 10 Hz and 9,000 Hz. This feature addresses the concern of potential target frequency drift.
  • Amplitude Adjustment of output - can be manually adjusted or automatically set depending on the application
  • Pulsing Output Signal - the output frequency may be pulsed at various rates for greater variability of the signal
  • Rechargeable internal battery for remote use
  • Timer - an individual time can be assigned to each frequency value or globally for a complete program run time
  • Chip Card Reader - intergrated chip card reader slot to transfer stored frequency information. The Chip Card itself is an optional purchase item and is not automatically shipped with the Fscan order. The Chip Card is not a required item in order to operate the Fscan device.
  • Language on Screen - choice of English or German

F-Scan3NT Model FTB 136 - Specifications

  • Color Touchscreen - 154mm x 85mm / 800 x 480 Pixels
  • Micro-processor controlled functions
  • Minimum frequency selection - 0.01 Hz.
  • Frequency stability - 30 ppm
  • Application run time per frequency - 3 minutes default, adjustable from 0:30 to 59:59
  • Flash Memory - for a list - max. 460 entries of up to 30 frequencies each. For example the user has access to external programs from other sources and wishes to incorporate those frequency sets into the Fscan memory.
  • Memory - 100 open positions for up to 50 frequency values that allows individual properties assigned to each value
  • Permanent memory - stores approximately 6000 frequency values in tables, Time functions, Sweep parameters & DIRP
  • Power Supply - universal AC adapter: Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Output - 15 vDC, 300mA (minimum)
  • Rechargeable internal battery for remote use
  • Frequency Range kHz - for Sine wave - 1Hz to 3MHz. Square wave to 100 kHz.
  • Fscan Dimensions - 205mm x 140mm x 30mm
  • Weight - 5.5 pounds
  • Case - plastic storage case
  • Windows PC Ready - runs on most versions of Windows including 98, 2000 and XP. USB cable is included
  • F-Scan3NT is compliant with European Union quality standards for electronic equipment

Output Port Options

Multi-signal-output port - Sine signal, permanent positive (DC offset). Amplitude preset to 10Vss
Square signal - 0-symmetric (Full wave - positive and negative) Amplitude 0 to 24Vpeak to peak
Square signal - permanent positive (DC offset) - Amplitude 0 to 12Vpp

Power Port - dedicated power output port to power optional external accessory items such as the Magnetic Coil

Power Port - Square wave - positive DC-Offset -14 vpp / 200 mA. Used to drive accessory attachments. Frequency range from 0.1 Hz. to 1 MHz.


F-Scan3NT Standard Kit Includes

* F-Scan3NT model FTB 136 Frequency Sythesizer
* DIRP function - finger sensor and cable
* Application cable for electrodes
* USB cable
* Two stainless steel hand-held cylinder electrodes
* Two sets of self-adhesive electrodes
* One pair connector cords for TENS Electrodes
* Storage/ Carrying Case is included
* CD instruction disk
* Free Bonus softwate - Fscant v3.x P.C. software to operate and control Fscan from your P.C.
* Universal Power Supply - AC-adapter. Input:100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Output: 15 V DC, 800mA

Warranty - 2 year parts and labor manufacturer warranty

FREE Fscant Bonus Software - A $200.00 Value! This is for Dirp-Enabled models only.

Fscant PC operating software - allows all functions and programming to be displayed on a Windows PC. All Fscan functions and Dirp results and analysis can be displayed and controlled from your PC.

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Allow 50 MB free disk space. For Mac users, you must install a virtual PC program on your computer, such as Parallels.

Normal price of the Fscant Software is $200.00. Available via download and activated with an installation code. The code will be located on your Fscan enclosure packaging. The software installation F- CODE is around 5 numbers long. This is the code that is the activation number you will be prompted to enter after downloading the Fscant software. Note: users of Mac OS systems will need to run this program from a Virtual PC type of software such as Parallels.

You will first need to create an account at http://www.fscan.com/shop - (see the top of page heading - Guest (Login) where you can register and then download the software at -

After downloading and installing the software, you will need to enter the activation code that was printed on your product packaging. Here is a Youtube Video link demonstrating Fscant Software Installation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DLr9gEvrys

FScan-3NT FTB-136 - $3,995.00

FScan-4 - FTB-128 - $6,079.00 - Read here for complete features

Main Differences between Fscan3NT vs Fscan-4

- F-SCAN4 has a standard multiplexed output AND a WIDE band Sine Wave output up to 15MHz. at 5 volts (peak to peak)
- F-SCAN4 has an adjustable amplitude Sine Wave.
- F-SCAN4 has an adjustable SINE wave also during DIRP for applicants who are sensitive to electrical signals.
- F-SCAN4 has a CLARK list included and indicates matching pathogens in "123" menu.
- F-SCAN4 has a SUB SCAN DIRP included to perform filtered scans (also included in Fscan3NT)
- F-SCAN4 offers the possibility to adjust the EAP sensor to levels which therapists are used to when EAP is enabled.
- F-SCAN4 has the OSCA procedure inbuilt which controls the signal strength automatically at its best efficacy.

Additional Fscan Models are offered by the manufacturer and we can order any of these items for you. The models shown on this page represent the most popular models.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to U.S. currency fluctuations. We include Free world - wide shipping. All sales are final and non-refundable. Import tax rate for this item to the U.S. is around 1.2 percent. Other countries may have higher tax rates. It is up to the customer to determine the possible tax liability.

See the Fscan3NT introductory Youtube video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWXaBmJmjrg
More Fscan Videos at - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Fscant+Software

Fscan Compact

FSCAN Compact - model FTB 118 - $1,463.00

The Fscan Compact with Dirp function has many of the attributes and capabilities of the full Fscan3. It is able to produce a resonance scan with its Dirp finger probe and one can visually see the frequency scan on the LCD screen. However, the DIRP capabilities are limited in function compared to the fully capable Fscan3 model. The compact model FTB118 unit does not have the sophisticated analysis capabilities of the full Fscan3 model. One may call up pre-set Rife programs and enter custom frequencies and conduct frequency scans with beginning and ending parameters. So, while these functions may be enough for some individual needs, the main purpose of the Fscan Compact is for clinical applications where the practitioner has the full Fscan3 with its analytical software. The client can recieve the complete Dirp scan in the office and the clinician can then transfer the suggested programs to the Compact unit via a chip card and give the Compact unit to the client for home use in between office visits.

The Fscan Compact can function as a stand-alone unit for using the pre-programmed Rife frequencies but you will not have the interpretation and analysis ability for the Dirp resonance scans

Fscan Compact Features

Operation via navigation keys
Plastic casing
350 complete Rife applications
10 memory positions for individual applications with up to 50 frequency values each
Battery operation up to 3.5 hrs.
Battery charge via USB-port
Output range 1Hz to 1.7 Megahertz
Frequency stability 30ppm
Signal amplitude adjustable 0 to 12Vpp
Three signal forms selectable: Sine, Square full wave, Square DC-Offset
Adjustable Timer
SWEEP- function between selectable lower and upper frequency limits
Automatic shutdown if unused for 2 minutes
Display-language selection (German, English)
Charge indicator
LED for output control
Graphic display 128 x 64 pixel
Acoustic signals during operation
Dimensions: 105 mm x 66 mm x 19 mm (l x w x h)

Optional Accessories for the Fscan3 only

Electro-Acupuncture Stylus and connectors - Ftb211 - $360.00

The F-SCAN3 devices have a built-in EAP measurement capability. The EAP stylus connects to the sensor port with a special cable. The conductivity value of Electro-Acupuncture Points (Terminal Points identified by MORELL) can be measured with the stylus. This optional accessory is recommended only for adequately trained individuals. Fscan does not provide the training needed to utilize the EAP stylus.

Fscan Eap

* Imprinter Platform - Ftb 200 - $149.00 - use to transfer Fscan frequencies to water or other homeopathic medium

Homeopathic imprinter

* Magnetic Coil applicator - Ftb 214 - $99.00 - the magnetic coil handles frequencies up to 1 MHz. for deep local penetration

Magnetic coil
* Low Level Laser Pen - Ftb 230 - $199.00 - 630nm - 2.5 mW

Laser pen

* Colloidal Silver Maker Kit - Ftb 312 - $125.00

colloidal silver maker
* Wrist and Ankle Band Electrodes - $65.00 - use for hands free sessions

Disclaimer: the F-Scan products are not a medical devices. It is an experimental electronic research instrument. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional. Any individual results may vary.


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