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How Phi Lambda Technology works 

Using a special technology, a variety of bio-energy health information has been sub-atomically, ineradicably imprinted onto the accumulator.  This information can be processed by the inner sensitivity of the body (the aura).  It works at that level like a repair program and stimulates the body's own powers of healing.

This means Phi Lambda Technology places at the disposal of the conscious level (lambda) of your body specifically collated information.  The body's intelligence

The Aura Balance Accumulator Contains Subtle Energy Frequencies to support normal body functioning.  It is not a
medical device and is not intended to cure or treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.  Individual results will vary.

*  Insomnia

*  Pain in general

*  Asthma

*  Tension

*  Rheumatic ailments

*  Arthritis, Gout

*  Arthrosis, Sciatica

*  Eczema

*  Joint and Limb Pain

*  Stomach and Intestinal
    problems.  Ulcers

*  Digestive disorders

*  Blood Pressure (high and low)

*  Cholesterol (regulation)

*  Back Pain

*  Inflammation (general)

*  Migraines

*  Snoring

*  Headaches

*  Nervousness

*  Stress, Electrosmog

*  Earth rays, water vein problems

*  Detoxification (general)

*  Cardiovascular problems

*  Indisposition, troubles

*  Pollen and other allergies

*  Varicose vein ailments

*  Vein ailments

* Haemorrhoids

*  Menopause problems

*  Potency disorders

*  Prostate problems

*  Poorly healing wounds

*  Alcohol addiction

*  Menstrual problems

*  Kidney & bladder problems

extracts only the information it needs to restore balance in your body.  In this way, physical disorders can be positively influenced, particularly from the physical and psychological viewpoints.  Your well-being and your health are stimulated by your body's own healing powers and can be regained.

Using the Accumulator

Place the Aura Balance Accumulator with the grey surface uppermost under your mattress on the slat base.  The effect can be felt within a radius of about 1 meter.  You will start to feel the beneficial effect after about 2 to 14 days.  The body can take a longer or shorter time to start its repair work, depending on the problems(s) and/or combination of problems.


To begin with, your symptoms may worsen.  However, this is completely normal, it only shows that a positive process is taking place in your body and the "operating system" is being re-organised.  Most users experience an improvement very quickly.  So, don't break off the treatment immediately.  Natural healing methods take longer to work than medicines and chemical products.

Completely Free From Side Effects

The Aura Balance Accumulator works on the vibration level of your body.  The accumulator does not emit any substances or chemicals into the body and can therefore safely be used in combination with medication and medical treatment.  If you are not certain, ask your doctor.


The Aura Balance Accumulator wipes clean and is made of environmentally friendly materials.

The information is imprinted using Phi Lambda Technology on the material and cannot be eradicated.  It does not weaken, not even after years.  The accumulator will last a lifetime.

Phi Lambda Technology is a new, special method which cannot be copied.  It was developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Note -  the Aura Balance Accumulator is not a substitute for medical treatment by a licensed health care practitioner.  It is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease. 

The Aura Balance Accumulator supports the subtle energy basis of the organism on the level of Chi Energy, Aura, Chakra Balancing.  This can have a beneficial impact on the physical and psychological well-being.