Travel Kleen

Water Ozonator and Sanitizer


Designed with your traveling health in mind! Our new Travel-Kleen water ozonator and sanitizer solves that age-old worry of drinking unsafe water when traveling away from home.

Travel Kleen is the efficient and portable solution to purifying your water in RV, Motorhomes, while camping or traveling overseas. It couldn't be easier to use! Simply plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet or use the convenient DC cigarette plug adapter in your vehicle. In minutes, you can enjoy safe, refreshing water. A must have item for every emergency supply kit! All of your family members should have this affordable item to help ensure their health and safety during times of emergency, suspect water safety due to storms and hurricanes, contamination of municipal water supplies and more. Travel Kleen will sanitize questionable water drawn from lakes, ponds, streams, pools, etc. Ozone is a proven germicidal molecule of O3 oxygen that quickly kills germs, viruses, bacteria by oxidizing or burning up these impurities, leaving behind, pure, fresh-tasting water. Simply plug the unit into a power source and place the aerator stone and tubing into a container of water. You'll be drinking fresh water in minutes!

ONLY $90.00 + $10.00 shipping for U.S. $32.00 Canada

Travel Kleen Specifications

  • 120v. AC to 12v. DC Adapter
  • 12v.DC car lighter adapter
  • 426 m.A
  • Output - 80mg. per hour
  • 3 feet of tubing
  • Check valve
  • Internal 12 volt air pump
  • Weight - 1.04 pounds
  • Ozone resistant tubing
  • Micro bubble diffuser stone
  • Size - L 4.5” x W 2.0” x H 5.0
  • One year limited warranty

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