Chi Infra Vibe
Chi Infra-Vibe
Our Best Quality Swing Machine!

The Chi Infra Vibe is fully loaded with all the extra features you want - swing motion, foot vibration plus infra-red heat!  The deluxe padded footrest features a pair of built in soothing infra-red heat elements that provide the extra benefit of infra-red therapy! The output level of the infra-red is fixed and not adjustable. An illuminated LCD screen displays RPM speed (adjustable from 80 to 160 cycles) time remaining and the intensity level of the vibrating foot massage. There are 12 adjustable levels of vibration intensity and you can choose to use this feature or leave it switched off.

This machine has a super smooth and quiet motion, plus there is no sound from the digital timer. Your purchase includes a bonus yoga pad for extra comfort on the floor.

Deluxe Features

* Weight - 15.8 pounds for extra stability
* Voltage - 110v. 60 cycles
* Rated Power - 40 watts
* Dial Speed Levels - 80 to 160 cycles
* Footrest Platform - comfortable rubberized material
* Unique Footrest - with infra-red therapy function
* Timer - running time is 15 minutes
* Vibrating Foot Massage - on-off with 12 power levels
* Infrared Lamps - fixed intensity, activates with vibration
* Dial Control - for swing speed and vibration intensity
* LCD Screen - shows RMP, mode, time & vibration level
* Gear Motion - very smooth motion with no bumping
* Gear Noise - quietest swing machine we have tested
* Power Cord - 9.5 foot length
* Warranty - 2 years parts and labor


Chi Infra Vibe 


 Shipping - U.S. and Canada - $38.00


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Ordering Chi Infra Vibe

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