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Infratonic 9 SoniCalm PM 

Chinese Qi Gong Instruments - Two Models to Choose From

The Infratonic sound therapy instruments were designed to simulate the type of healing energy measured from the hands of Chinese QiGong master healers. The Infratronic Therapy employs randomized low-frequency acoustic signals in the range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz. (Alpha brainwave) that are transmitted to the body by means of a hand-held infrasonic sound transducer. The normal range of human hearing is between 20 Hz. and 20,000 Hz. Infratonic therapy emits sound that is below the range of human hearing. QiGong Therapy has been shown to enhance lymphatic circulation, reduction in edema and deep relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. Many Healthcare Professionals including Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Body Workers use Infratonic Therapy for relieving chronic and acute pain in joints, muscles, vertebrae, and for numerous other healing applications. Individuals report improvements over a wide range of areas:

Reduction in Chronic and Acute Pain
- which can even reduce the requirement for pain medication.  The Infratonic is often effective where all else has failed. Unlike other modalities which become less effective as the body gets used to them, the effectiveness of the Infratonic 9 increases with time as healing progresses. 

Relaxes Muscles - the Infratonic's gentle, penetrating massage action overcomes muscle-armouring & loosens and relaxes the muscles, increasing their range of motion and ability to stretch. It also helps the muscles to stay relaxed in their proper position to minimize pinched nerves and restricted circulation. This decreases the likelihood that residual muscle tension will pull bones and vertebrae back into their old painful position, increasing the long-term value of your therapy. 

Relieves Nerve Impingement
- chronic muscle tension can cause vertebrae to impinge on motor and sensory nerves which can, in turn, cause muscular tension. This perpetuates the cycle of nerve impingement and may lead to degeneration. The Infratonic 9 can relieve this muscular tension while facilitating nerve function, thereby breaking the cycle and providing long term relief. 

Facilitates Deep Massage
- tense, armored muscles often prevent the therapist's fingers from penetrating deeply into the body. As muscle groups relax with the Infratonic, the therapist can reach deeper problem areas in the body.
Enhances Local Circulation - capillaries dilate to increase the flow of fresh blood to the area of injury. The lymph system functions more efficiently, transporting away excess fluids. Swelling that often occurs with acute injuries and surgery disappears more quickly.

Reduces Dizziness
- those who usually feel sleepy or dizzy immediately after a therapy treatment will often feel more active and clear thinking with the Infratonic.

Improves Sleeping - after an Infratonic treatment, many individuals report a good sound sleep as subconscious factors and mental worries are reduced. 

Increases Energy Levels - as pain is relieved, local circulation is enhanced and muscles are relaxed. Many patients report an emotional release, an increase in energy levels and a sense of improved well being.

INFRATONIC - 9 - $725.00

U.S. Ground shipping - $20.00.
Canada - $32.00 - International - $50.00

Infratonic 9 Features

Cordless and Easy To Use - the new Infratonic 9 is now completely cordless, rechargeable and does not require a base unit. This offers the great advantage of complete portability. The fully charged unit will provide 50 hours of continuous relief! Simply apply the applicator to the area of discomfort and feel the Infratonic working to relieve pain and inflammation.

No Risk Of Deep Tissue Burns Like Ultrasound - the Infrasound applies sound waves to aid local microcirculation, similar to ultrasound treatment. But while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, the Infratonic uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant.

Drug Free Pain Relief - the Infrasound can be used as an adjunct to drug treatment or other therapies. It can also be used in any patient regardless of age or weight with no tolerance build-up.

Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

FDA 501(K) Listed and Reimbursable - the Infrasound is 501(K) listed with the FDA and may be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Infratonic 9 Combines Eight Distinct Signals for Maximum Penetration and Effectiveness. 

These are administered by Three Settings

1 - SLEEP - includes Delta range frequencies and is most effective for Chronic or traumatic injury, acute conditions, and degenerative processes where activation of subcellular organisms is needed to catalyze healing. 

2 - PAIN - is most effective when applied locally for dissolving dysfunctional somatic memory, for inflammation, edema, stress, and the chronic results of intracellular trauma. Applied over heart, on bottom of feet, or with sweeping motions along the body. Individual results for pain relief will vary.

3 - FULL - For best results in accelerated recovery, use the FULL setting.  The FULL setting combines all of the three signals of our previous model Infratonic 8 and also signals to relax tight muscles, uplift intention, reduce physical pain and reduce worry.

Optional Accessories

Replacement hand-held transducer - $395.00 (rounded palm style or orginal shower head style)  

Adjustable  Holding - Positioning Arm - $59.95 - 30 inches long with 2-1/2 inch C-Clamp

SoniCalm - PM


Designed Especially for Pain Management - combines Three powerful sound signals continuous output

Experience versatile, drug free pain relief with the SoniCalm PM. It is designed to relieve all kinds of pain, delivering extraordinary pain relief where nothing else has worked before. Improve circulation, relax muscles, relieve nerve impingement.  Three timer settings: 10 min., 20 min. & continuous.  Three year warranty. Individual results for pain relief will vary.

Note: for international orders, there is a $40.00 extra charge for 220v. conversion.

Units ship with choice of rounded palm applicator or shower head style applicator. Please indicate your preference when ordering. The shower head style applicator must be held in the hand during application. The palm applicator has no handle and this makes it very balanced when placing it on the chest or back with the patient lying down. It can be used without the assistance of a therapist having to hold it in place.

Soni-Calm PM - $395.00
U.S. Ground shipping - $20.00
Canada - $32.00 - International - $50.00



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