Nature - Kleen Water Ozonator & Food Sanitizer



Nature Kleen Food Sanitizer Ozonator

Retail - $230.00

shipping - $15.00 U.S. - Canada - $40.00
International Express Mail - $75.00

See our NEW Travel Kleen Ozonator
with AC plug and DC cigarette lighter
adapter plug. Ideal for RV's while camping and vacationing

Now you can drink clean, pure water every where you go! No more upset stomach from germ-infested water

Only $90.00


Nature Kleen Food Sanitizer
Cleans your Food and Water of Harmful Toxins

A versatile, portable and energy efficient water purification system. This system has the ability to neutralize many toxic chemicals and disease causing bacteria and virus. Nature Kleen produces Tri-Atomic oxygen that can be used to purify and oxygenate water. Ozonated water can be used for many purposes such as sanitizing fruits and vegetables in the sink and as a cleansing rinse for the skin and hair. Many people drink ozone treated water for its refreshing and energizing effect. Unit has a 60 min. timer dial and a continuous ON setting. Can be wall mounted or simply place on the counter top. Includes six feet of tubing with anti-backflow check valve and one round diffuser ball.  Can be ordered for 220/240 volt usage for overseas customers. An ozonator does not filter water or remove fluoride.


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