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Until early 1998, LEDs were always monochromatic, with red and green the most common colors and yellow and orange as options. Red LEDs were the brightest, and while the eye is most sensitive in the orange/yellow part of the spectrum red seems to give stronger stimulation. Some people find red harsh, even with the intensity turned down, and as a result prefer green. There are also mixed LED colors in an effort to approximate broad spectrum light.

All LED based light frames are designed to be used with the eyes closed (unless otherwise specified) -- the eyelids diffuse the light and add to the experience.

LEDs conduct electricity in one direction only, so the polarity of the drive circuitry (either "Common Ground" CG or "Common Power" CP) in your Light/Sound system makes a difference. When ordering add-on glasses, be sure to specify the manufacturer and model of your light/sound system. See list of manufacturers and models polarity reference at the end of this page. 

Standard Glasses

Standard glasses are made with 300mcd LEDs in Red, Orange/Amber, Green and Yellow color. Red being the brightest. These colors LEDs have been in existence for a long time and thus it cost less to make them which is why the Standard group of colors are the least expensive.

Red Glasses - unless otherwise specified, Red color LED glasses have always been the standard color glasses we ship with our systems (it is only recently that the TruWhite glasses surpassed the Red in popularity). The red is still the basic color, red LEDs provide a wide range of visuals for majority of people.
Red glasses $35.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Green Glasses green LED glasses are recommended for people who find the red "harsh". They are less bright than the red and thus more soothing for some individuals. Green color is considered to be healing in the practice of color therapy.
Green glasses $35.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Yellow Glasses - yellow LED glasses are used primarily by individuals that like to change the visuals by changing glasses and colors. The Yellow LEDs are less intense in color than the Red and Green.
Yellow glasses $35.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Orange/Amber Glasses - also called Amber, the Orange glasses are an in-between choice between the Red and the Yellow. If you find the Red too intense but the Green too dim, the Orange glasses offer a good choice.
Orange glasses $35.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Premium Glasses

Premium glasses are made with 1200mcd LEDs in Tru-White, CoolBlue, Ultra Green and dual two color combinations: Indigo (Red and Blue) and Spectrum Pro (Red and Green).

The Premium glasses colors LEDs are new and much brighter and it cost much more to make them which is why the Premium group of colors in the glasses is more expensive.

Tru-White Glasses - In early 1998, white LEDs became available, due to a new manufacturing process involving phosphorescent dyes and luminance conversion. A breakthrough in technology we felt was important to introduce. Thus, the PHOTOSONIX  Tru-White glasses using the new white LEDs. The true white spectrum LED lights (4 per eye) take the stimulation to a deeper and more intensive level. The Tru-White glasses received rave reviews in initial testing from both Tools for Exploration and Michael Landgraf. The Tru-White light frames work on any of our models but are at their best and most bright on the Nova Pro 100 or the Nova Pro.

Tru-White glasses provide a spectacular experience and a significant leap forward in AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation).

The advantage of the full spectrum white light, combined with the fast response time of LEDs, make a very effective light/sound stimulation source. Put the Tru-White glasses on... close your eyes ...and see just about every color imaginable.

Tru-White glasses $99.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Cool Blue Glasses - another often requested color that is now available in bright blue. The blue color has a soft/cool seductive tone. Blue hue and brightness added a relaxation experience one beta tester called "in the moon realm" and "weightless". This need not mean anything to you now, but try a pair and let us know. This definitely is "see to believe" experience. 

Cool Blue $99.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Indigo Glasses - Red/Blue combination (2 LEDs each color per eye). A new experience in great color combination for vivid images. A new spectrum of light to bathe your senses in.  Here is what one of our customers had to say about the Indigo glasses: "I just wanted to write and let you know that your Indigo glasses are excellent. They truly offer a new experience and improve my ability to see vivid images. I truly want to thank you for providing such excellent product to the public". Rick Gallant, Nevis, Minnesota.

Indigo Glasses $99.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Spectrum Pro Glasses - Red/Green combination (2 LEDs each color per eye). By popular demand our Spectrum (Pro) glasses were reintroduced. With two major improvements. The Spectrum Pro glasses have the bright red and green LEDs (the brightness of the TruWhite glasses) and they also include the CCM (color control mode) switch. The switch allows the glasses to operate in two modes, the conventional one (left/right) and CCM (red/green control) modes. Great spectrum of color, great brightness, control and a choice of color to boot. You will not be disappointed.

Spectrum Pro Glasses $99.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Ultra Green Glasses - our customers are constantly asking us to make brighter glasses. The Ultra Green glasses are made with LEDs (4 LEDs per eye) of the same brightness as our best selling TruWhite glasses. The best way to experience the cool green color in the brightest mode available.

Ultra Green Glasses $99.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

Color Track Glasses

Color Track Glasses -were introduced in August, 2006.  The result of many years of research, Color Track Glasses topped the wish list for thousands of Light and Sound enthusiasts around the world.  Color Track Glasses can be ordered as a packaged option at a discount with all three Photosonix systems. Color Track Glasses are available separately for $199.00 + $6.00 U.S. shipping

The literature from color therapy tells us that different colors have individual effects upon our physiology, psychology, emotions, perceptions and consciousness.  With Color Track Glasses, unlimited opportunities abound for exploring Inner Space, Consciousness and Awareness.

Color Track Glasses may cost a little extra up front, but many owners of Light and Sound machines end up buying several different colors of glasses to experiment with.  Color Track Glasses are so loaded with great features, they may be the first and last glasses you will ever need!


Color Track offers a Rainbow of Features!


Intensity Control - with the click of a button

Color Control - with the click of a button

Run A Different Color In Each Eye

Select from 20 different colors on the Fly

Scroll through all the color selections during a session, without removing your glasses


Color Track Setting - select the Color Track option and the software will automatically track through color changes along with changes in the program frequency.  A very entertaining feature.

Specialty Glasses

These only work with the Nova Pro 100


Specialty glases are used for special training and with an EEG equipment. There are two kinds of specialty glasses: pvStimTM and hemiStimTM 

PvStim Glasses

Used with the eyes open the PvStim glasses offer peripheral vision stimulation. Mounted in a clear lens glasses so you can see through the lens, the LEDs in this model are located in the peripheral vision area, allowing for indirect and softer light stimulation. They are often used in EEG biofeedback, and can be used with the eyes open. The glasses permit you to see through the clear lens, allowing you to perform many tasks like music, reading., art, writing and computer work. They may help turn your light and sound experience into a thinking pad!

Red, Green, Yellow and Orange/Amber $59.00 (+SH)
TruWhite pvStim and CoolBlue pvStim $119.00 (+SH)

Note: pvStim glasses are not available in the dual color combinations the Indigo or the Spectrum Pro glasses. 

HemiStim* Glasses

The hemiStim glasses utilize the left and right visual field LEDs in a pattern that targets the left and/or right hemisphere independently. 
Different frequency stimulation of the hemispheres is thus possible.

The hemiStim glasses allow the left or the right visual field LEDs on both eyes to light simultaneously thus stimulating the hemispheres independently. The glasses are used with your eyes open, or the effect is lost. 

Note: The glasses have a built in switch that actually allows two different modes: hemiStim and pvStim. With this option both, the left eye/right eye (pvStim mode) as well as left hemisphere/right hemisphere (hemiStim) modes are possible. Most widely used with EEG equipment, the hemiStim glasses also work with the PHOTOSONIX MidiStim interface unit and the Nova Pro 100.

Red or Green hemiStim glasses $99.00 (+SH)
TruWhite or CoolBlue hemiStim glasses $129.00 (+SH)

Note: hemiStim glasses are not available in the dual color combinations the Indigo or the Spectrum Pro glasses.

* hemiStim is a trademark of Microfirm Inc.
 ** The patented technology is licensed from Comptronic Devices Ltd.





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