- Kleen Stream UTC 1000 -
Under Counter Water Purifier and Ozonator Specifications Page



Carbon Filtration
* 5 Micron Filtration
* .25ppm Ozone Residual
* ¼” Poly Tubing
* Min. and Max. Water Pressure: 15psi to 85psi
* Dimensions: 7 ¾“ x 6 ¾“ x 2 ¼“
* Weight: 1.5lbs, Excluding Faucet

Parts and Accessories Included

Kleen-Stream Unit

(1) 100V to 240V Universal Power Supply Adaptor
(2) Mounting Screws
(1) Chrome Faucet
(1) Retaining Nut on Faucet
Small Packet w/ Faucet Containing:
a. Base Plate w/ Rubber Washer
b. Retaining Plate w/ Lock Washer
c. ½“ Retaining Nut
d. Ferrell
e. Plastic Insert for Tubing
7) (1)¼” Faucet Adaptor
8) (1) Carbon Block Filter
9) (1) Fibrous Filter
10) Tubing
11) Powder Coated, Corrosive Resistant Bracket, for Easy Mounting
12) (2) 10” Heavy Duty Housings w/ Easy Twist-on, Twist-off Feature for Easy Replacement
13) Mounting Screws

Important safety instructions

* To protect against risk of electric shock and personal injury, do not place the cord, plugs or the unit in water or any other liquid.
* Do not operate this unit if it has a damaged cord or plug, or after a malfunction.
* This appliance is not intended for outdoor use.
* Handle the cord carefully for longer life.
* Do not place the unit near an open flame.
* Do not try to repair the unit yourself. Only qualified service personnel should service this unit and your warranty will be voided if you open the unit. Contact the factory for examinations, adjustment and all other repairs.

Installation Instructions

After unpacking your Advanced-Kleen Water Sanitation System, simply complete the following

* A 7/16” hole or larger is required for the installation of the Faucet (4). In the small packet remove the base plate and the rubber washer (a), the retaining plate and the lock washer (b). The retaining nut (5) is with the faucet (4), install the faucet; install in that order for proper installation.

* Install the new filters (8 & 9) into the system (12) making sure the housings seat. The clear housing is the pre-filter which is the white fibrous filter (9); the solid housing is for the carbon filter (8).

* Under the sink, locate the cold water supply and it turn off. Remove the water supply line to the sink at the angle stop. Install the ¼” faucet adapter (7) (or a similar adapter available at your local hardware store) and reconnect the supply line to the sink.

* Attach the Filter System (11) to the inside wall of the sink cabinet leaving room on both sides of the unit.
Mount the Kleen-Stream (1) next to the Filter system (11) or where applicable for the installation process.
Insert the ¼” tubing (10) into the faucet adapter (7). Cut the tubing to length and attach the tubing into the in-let on the filter system using the nuts on the system. Make sure the tubing seats all the way into the elbow housing.

* From the out-let of the system insert the remaining ¼” tubing (10) and attach it to the system.

* From the out-let of the system cut ¼” tubing (8) to length and insert ¼” tubing (8) into the in-let of the Kleen- Stream.

* From the out-let of the Kleen-Stream (1) insert ¼” tubing. When inserting tubing into fittings always make sure that the tubing seats in the housing.

* Cut to length the tubing from the Kleen-Stream to the faucet leaving plenty of room. Attach the tubing to the faucet and from the small packet remove the ½” nut (c) and slip it over the tubing. Slip the plastic Ferrell (d) over the tubing and now insert the plastic insert (e) into the tubing; tighten the ½” nut (c) to the faucet.

* Open the water supply slowly and check for leaks. Open the faucet to purge the system at this time you will see black powder from the Carbon block filter in the water; this goes away in a matter of seconds.

Cost - $325.00 + Ups shipping