Kleen Stream - Under Counter Water Purifier and Ozonator


The Ultimate Water Sanitation System

Clean, ozonated and filtered water is now available 24 hours a day with the convenience of this easy to install under the counter water ozonation and purification system. The water travels through the two separate filters removing the hard solids. After this process the water travels through the Kleen-Stream ozone unit that sanitizes the water by killing bacteria, (such as E.coli) viruses, molds and pesticides. First step: clean; second step: sanitize; leaving clean, ozonated drinking water. Easy to install with the included faucet adaptor, this system utilizes two 10” heavy duty housings, containing our full sized cartridges for optimum performance and longevity. Easily replace filters with the simple twist to open and twist to close filter housings.

Features of Kleen Stream Model UTC 1000

  • UL Classified
  • 100V to 240V Universal Power Supply Adaptor
  • Breaks down residual trace amounts of toxic chemicals & pathogens on meat, fish, poultry, seafood and fruits & vegetables
  • Easy, twist-on, twist-off housings for easy filter replacement
  • Installs easily at any sink, wet bar or point of use location
  • Great for ALL your drinking and cooking needs
  • Safe for Pets and Plants
  • Warranty - one year

    The Carbon Block filter will reduce chlorine, taste and odor problems, and a wide range of contaminants
    Makes a hygienic solution for gargling, facial cleansing and skin care.


  • Insures that you have bacteria free drinking water in your home
  • Kills 99% bacteria (including E.coli)
  • Safeguards against lead and Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Guardia)
  • Sanitizes whatever it comes in contact with (i.e. kitchen sink, counter tops, dishes, household items
  • Improves taste, clarity and odors
  • Reduces Chlorine and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Reduces dirt, silt, sediment and rust
  • Replaces costly bottled water
  • Better tasting, filtered water for coffee, tea, juice, ice, soup and more

    Cost - $325.00


  • Carbon Filtration
  • 5 Micron Filtration
  • .25ppm Ozone Residual
  • ¼” Poly Tubing
  • Min. and Max. Water Pressure: 15psi to 85psi
  • Dimensions: 7 ¾“ x 6 ¾“ x 2 ¼“
  • Weight: 1.5lbs, Excluding Faucet

    - See Complete Installation Instructions and Parts List -

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Ordering Kleen Stream

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