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The new Dr. Clark Vari Gamma is an easy to use, portable combination of Hulda Clark Zapper and programmable Rife Frequency Generator all in one hand held device, that can do everything needed for the frequency work according to Dr. Hulda Clark. Vari Gamma replaces the previous model Gamma Generator. The Vari-Gamma by Dr. Hulda Clark is a pocket-sized instrument that is loaded with all of the right features.  Vari Gamma includes the Zapper program with timed 7 min. stimulation and 20 min. rest periods.  It also functions as a programmable contact electrode Rife Generator with individual frequency inputs from 1 Hz. up to 1 million Hz.  (plus harmonics) Sequence up to 16  individual frequencies together and save the program on an external Program Driver.  Select a Sinewave or positive-offset Squarewave output adjustable at 1 Hz. increments. The advanced - Wobble - feature scans frequencies around the target frequency.  This feature is very useful as pathogens can mutate and change their frequency. Unit comes with a pair of convenient wrist-band electrodes for zapping.  Compatible with the Zincrometer & Zappicator. 

Vari Gamma features comfortable hands-free wrist band electrodes. Instructions are written in multiple languages including English, Spanish and German.

Smart Keys and Program Drivers

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Rife Frequency Table:

Clark Frequency List - clark frequencies

Vari Gamma - $586.00
Shipping - $10.00 U.S. & Canada
$30.00 International

Vari Gamma Features

* Intuitive, easy to use touch key programming
* Modular design allows one to convert the Vari Gamma into a Vari Zapper (with a Vari Zapper module)
* Built-in Hulda Clark Zapper program 
* Select from a sine wave or square wave (positive offset only)
* Voltage - 0.1 to 15 volts adjustable
* Duty Cycle - adjustable 25-50%
* Individual frequency selections between 1 Hz. up to 1,000,000 Hz.
* Frequency - Wobble - feature scans around the target frequency
* Design your own program with up to 25 programming steps and save the program to an external Program Driver chip. This can be used in the Vari Gamma and in the Vari Zapper.

Vari Gamma Generator is not pre-programmed with a table of Clark frequencies. It is programmed for the standard Vari Zapper program.

Compatibility with Other Clark Products

* Can attach to Zincrometer
* Can attach to Plate Zapping Plates
* Connects to Zappicator
* Runs frequency programs from the BioStream instrument

Vari Gamma Generator Kit Includes

  • One programmable sine wave and one square wave driver
  • Two pair gel electrodes
  • One pair of wrist band electrodes with cable
  • 2 AA batteries - included
  • Operating instructions 
  • Note: listing of frequency tables is not included
  • Sturdy, padded plastic carrying case



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Ordering Vari Gamma

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