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Why should I use the Q-Water Energy Spa 

We could give you a million reasons why you should use the Q Energy Spa unit but the one at the top of our list is that you owe yourself a life filled with positive energy and vitality.  Q Energy Spa is the newest and most revolutionary natural hydro-therapy product on the market and it can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There are no drugs involved, the device is completely non-intrusive and all you have to do is relax in the bath and let the Q unit do the rest. If you have health problems or even if you are fit as a fiddle the Q unit will still be of benefit to you. Many years of research and testing have demonstrated that the Q Energy Spa unit is completely safe and best of all .... it really works! 

Who should use the Q Water Energy Spa

Almost anyone can use the Q unit. Even if you use a healthy diet or have chosen one of the many therapies available on the market today, this system will still prove to be of benefit. If you are suffering from pain or if you have tried everything else and nothing seems to work than you should definitely use the Q Energy Spa. Even perfectly healthy people (though very few of us are these days) find it still gives them that extra boost of energy that gets them through the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Who should not use the Q Energy Spa 

Pacemakers - or other battery-operated implants -  should never use this unit.  It has been documented that people with such battery-operated implants should not be exposed to strong magnetic fields.  The Q unit creates its very own electro magnetic field so using the Q unit could disable or damage the implant.

Organ transplant patients - The reason being, those persons who have had an organ transplant are required to take anti-rejection drugs to survive.  There is a possibility that the Q unit could extract this essential drug from the body. This same theory of drug extraction by the Q unit also applies to others that may be taking similar life sustaining drugs.

Pregnant women - The design of the Q unit allows it to work specifically on one bio-entity only at a time.  In the case of a pregnant woman, there are two completely separate bio-entities the mother and the fetus.  Although these entities are contained in the one body they still remain separate. Understanding why two people cannot share a bath can draw a clearer picture of why pregnant women cannot use the Q unit.

Hemophiliacs - People with Hemophilia should not use the Q for the reasons being that hemophilia is a flaw in the body's blood clotting system. Blood clotting (also known as coagulation) is the process that controls bleeding by changing blood from a liquid to a solid state. Certain parts of the blood are known as clotting factors. In people with bleeding disorders, these clotting factors are missing or do not work as they should. With the Q unit, certain hemophiliacs have very thin blood, and with this condition using the unit may thin it further and could be harmful. Therefore, we recommend against the use of this instrument.

How Frequently should I use the Q Energy Spa

Q should be used every other day with session times lasting 25 to 35 minutes.  This will allow time for the energies to become integrated into the system and avoid over-stimulating the individual.

Can I still use the Q Energy Spa while taking  prescriptive drugs

This question is quite tricky as there are so many prescriptive drugs. As a rule people who are on day to day prescriptive drugs, we feel this is fine, as long as you and your physician are comfortable with it. People whom are on life sustaining drugs, we recommend that you finish your course of medication then use the Q Energy Spa. However if you feel comfortable using the Q Energy Spa and so does your physician, then it is entirely up to you the individual. Keep in mind that the absorption of some drugs, supplements, herbs, etc. may be amplified in the presence of an induced electric field.

How does the unit leech toxins from the body

During a session with the Q Energy Spa we are reconfiguring and amplifying the bio-electric signatures of individual cells. Through the dermal layer the enhanced bio electric field is then translated to the outer cell layers by method of flooding or otherwise known as irradiation. This then causes an emanation envelopment of the next layer of cells and continues layer after layer until the dilation of the field strength equals that of the cell integrity. This action results in the purging of toxins and metabolic waste products kept and or generated within the cells and surrounding membranes. Keep in mind, that the color changes in the foot bath are not the toxins from the body. These color changes result from natural elements, chemicals and toxins in the water itself. Also, the steel ring plates gradually dissolve from the action of the direct current passing through them and they give off their elemental composition into the water. This colors the water. The action of the Q Energy Spa will stimulate a detoxification through the body's normal channels of elimination.

Is the Q Energy Spa safe to use for people who have metal plates in their bodies

Yes it is perfectly safe. Our only concern is Electrical implants in the body, such as cardiac pace makers or insulin pumps, etc. that have an electrical circuitry.

Can I share my Q footbath water with someone else

The answer to this question is simply NO! Two people cannot share a footbath while using the Q Energy Spa. Each person or bio-entity has their own specific body frequency or signature. No two people have the same signature. The Q unit is designed to enhance and amplify only one bio-signature at a time. This is the same reason why pregnant women cannot use the Q unit, there are two separate signatures. In the case of having two separate signatures in a footbath water basin while the Q unit is in operation, the unit cannot separate the two signatures and so treats them as one. This could result in an exchange of illness and/or effect of injury between the two people.

Can somebody else use my water after my Q Footbath session

Once a person has used the Q Energy Spa in a footbath filled with water, their base signature and all the toxins that have been drawn out of their body are now in the water. It is very important that you begin your Q footbath session with fresh clean water so as there are no foreign substances or other signatures present that could interfere with the session. If you are worried about wasting water you could always siphon the water out onto the plants in your garden.

Should I bathe in the morning or evening

Some people prefer the morning while others prefer the evening. If you find that a session in the evening makes it difficult to sleep you should try using the Q Energy Spa in the morning. Often people who have a sleeping problem find relief by an evening session. You may have to try both to find out which is best for you.

Does it matter what material my footbath basin is made out of

No it does not matter at all which material you use.  Copper, Crystal and Glass give the most optimal results, however a plastic bucket is perfectly okay.

Why does the water color change

The color change in the water can be attributed to a multitude of variances including, the water quality you are using, your health status, and the weather conditions, just to name a few.  Because the Q unit is using electricity, there is a precipitation of impurities that will settle out of the water due to an electrolysis effect.  These include iron, chlorine, etc.

Does it matter what color the water is, whether it be brown, greenish or orange

No it really doesn't matter what color the water is, as stated it combines a multitude of things that cause the color change in the first place.

What causes the bath water to change color

Once you begin using the Q Energy Spa you may notice changes in the color and the deposits left in the water after use. The first thing you need to understand is what the Q Unit is designed to do. The unit is specifically designed to act on water because your body is primarily made of water (up to 85%) and it is this action that makes the Q Unit so effective when you use it. Because the Q Energy Spa uses the water to make it work it has the same effect on the water in the footbath or container you are using it in.  Even apparently clear water is full of dissolved minerals and chemicals. When the electrical current passes through the water, these dissolved particles begin binding together until they become visible and result in reddish, brown, or greenish coloration to the water.

Under perfect water conditions the Q Energy Spa current does not cause the color of the water itself to change, and when an individual is IN the water with the unit, the material released causing the color change can be 95% and above consisting of the released elements from the metal rings (through a process of electrolysis) and chemicals and contaminants in the water.  

My water is clear and my spouses is yucky, why

Everybody is different and not one person has the same ailment or lack of, the same. There is no need to be concerned. As stated in the water section, the colour of the water really depends of all types of variables from water, metal rings, weather and health conditions.  Clean water after a Q-footbath usually indicates that your water supply is very good and maybe so is your health.

Can I drink the bath water

It is strongly recommended that you do not drink the bath water. It contains many microscopic metal particles from the rings and these metals are toxic to the body.

Will the toxins that come out of the water and my body be absorbed back into my system

No, for simple reasons that what ever has been released from the water or your own body has been ejected from the source and is then classed as neutralized.

Can I touch or move the array whilst in the bath

Yes certainly, you can touch and move around in the footbath with the Q Orb, but to ensure that the cables do not become unattached we don't recommend thrashing about.

Why can I not use the Q Energy Spa every day

The idea behind only having a bath every second day is to allow the body to assimilate the increased energy level. Having a Q footbath enhances your  energy field, giving it extra to assist your body in any repairs it may need. You need a days break in between to let your body do the repairs on its own, without assistance

Why do I have to have a break every 28 days

The methodology behind this is to allow the body to stabilize in it's new state.. This is similar to why we say to have a bath every second day. If the user has a critical or long term illness, we recommend that they use the Q Energy Spa for 90 days, then after that time, they themselves can assess their health status to determine if they would like to continue with another session or not.

I was told not to have a break because of my condition, is this right

Yes, sometimes people have ailments that are quite extreme, and your health care professional may recommend additional Q sessions in some cases.

Should I have a shower before I have a session with the Q Energy Spa unit

In most cases it is not necessary to have a shower before a session with the Q unit especially since you
will most likely only get dirty again during the session. However if you work around dangerous chemicals or are covered in other substances such as paint, oil or grease then we do recommend that you wash these
substances off before your Q session as these foreign substances could interfere with the session or
possibly even cause an adverse skin reaction. It is also recommended that you wash off any makeup you may be wearing before the bath for the same reasons as mentioned above

Should I have a shower after I have a Q session

Whether or not you have a shower after a Q footbath is entirely up to you.  If you do not wish to have a shower after a Q footbath there will be absolutely no adverse reactions what so ever except perhaps a brownish smudge on your towel which will most likely wash off anyway.  And there most certainly won’t be any problems if you do wish to have a shower after your bath either.  So do not be concerned either way, just let your personal preferences decide.

Can I put bath salts or other additives into the bath

 We know we all love relaxing in a bath with bath salts or bubble bath and there is no reason why you cannot do this in your everyday baths. However, you should not put bath salts or other additives including soap into the water if you are going to use the Q unit. These foreign substances in the bath make the water too conductive and this will cause the plates to erode much faster than they should, decreasing the life span of your unit. Putting such foreign additives into the bath will also interrupt and interfere with the session process of the unit. The more things you put in the water the harder the device will have to work to remove them. So have a session with the Q unit one-day and relax with bath salts the next and you should feel like you’re on top of the world.

Can I use the Q unit in a spa bath

Because of the chemicals that most people put in their spa baths we do not recommend that you use the Q unit in the spa. These chemicals are the same principle of foreign additives to the water, they are bad for the unit and bad for you. Another reason is that the current from the air jets could damage the unit. In addition, the fact that the water in spa baths is not changed after every bath does not make this a very good choice for session with the Q Energy Spa.

Should I take of my jewellery before using the Q Energy Spa

While you are in the footbath with the Q unit, the unit is reproducing all the frequencies of the body in their
entirety. If you are wearing jewellery, the unit will reproduce all frequencies of the body including those of the
jewellery as though they are one. Now the reason that this is not a desirable effect is simple, for the unit to work on your body at its optimal efficiency there should only be your very own unaltered body frequency in the bath. Therefore, we recommended that you do take off your jewellery before beginning a Q Energy Spa session.

Is it alright to have a Q footbath directly after I have eaten or should I wait

It is perfectly all right to have a Q footbath straight after you’ve eaten if you wish to. The type of food you eat or the times in which you eat will have absolutely no effect on the treatment you receive from the Q unit. However it is probably not a good idea to eat while you are in the bath.

Do I have to lie still, or can I move about

Just like in an ordinary bath, you can move about freely, you can read a book, sing a song or even meditate if you want to. None of the above mentioned will have any effect on the benefits you receive from the Q unit.
However I do recommend that you do not thrash about in the bath as the rough movement of the water may
damage the Q unit or detach it from the power supply.

Can I add more water to the bath halfway through the session

It is a good idea to make sure you have ample water in the bath before beginning a session with the unit as you cannot add more water half way through the session. Once you have turned the unit on, it begins to alter the frequency of the water. Adding more water from the tap is adding a different frequency to bath and this will interfere with the Electro magnetic field that the Q unit has created and so change the effect of the session.

When using the Q Energy Spa, why do certain parts of my body tingle or slightly hurt

Generally certain parts of your body tingle or slightly hurt as this is the area the Q Energy Spa is focusing its attention on. You can probably remember at one stage damaging that area. If this tingle or slight pain becomes uncomfortable, it is recommended that you get out of the bath, the next time in the bath wont be so uncomfortable.

I get tingles in my legs, but I have never damaged my legs

You may not have damaged your legs, but your circulation could be in need of assistance. As stated above and below, if you ever feel uncomfortable, get out of the bath, and wait till your next session.

I sometimes feel sick during a footbath, what should I do

At any time you feel unwell during a session or if you are unsure, stop the session. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If this happens, don't feel bad, just next time try for a few minutes longer, until you can feel comfortable in a 35 minute session.

Why do I feel tired after a bath

Our bodies do most of their regenerating while we are asleep. A lot of people comment that they feel tired after a bath, so it is recommended to these people to have their baths in the evening before retiring for the night, so their bodies can get that well deserved rest they possibly need. Other people comment of feeling very active after a bath, which in this case is recommended that they maybe have their baths morning/during the day.

Why is the Q Energy Spa unit different from other Bio Technology

The Q Energy Spa uses Bio electrical energy. Most other inventions still use main stream electricity that can be very damaging to the cellular structure. Not only will main stream electricity damage the cellular structure, but also removes everything (bad and good organisms) from the body. Most other technologies that are still using main stream electricity are also using a dial in frequency for certain ailments, where as the Q unit will use ONLY natural bio electrical energy, will only remove the negative from the body, and has a preset frequency that is constant to cover all complaints.

Q-2 Technical Questions:


What is the function of the plates on the array

The function of the plates on the Array is to produce the complex field that interacts directly with the water, and through the water is translated to bio electric energy, that is then carried by the water to our bodies.  The array plates are composed of copper and of a proprietary non-reactive alloy.

How do I keep the Array in good condition

Keeping the Array in good condition is simple and easy. We recommend cleaning the Q Orb Array following
every session by soaking the Orb in a  solution of 50% CLR, (Calcium, Lime and Rust cleaner) and 50%
water for 10-15 minutes.  Rinse Q Orb thoroughly with fresh water before using again.

How can I tell when to replace the plate and track sets

Water conditions play a large role in the erosion of the positive plates and track. For this reason it is very difficult to put a time frame on when to replace. The easiest way to determine when to change the positive plates and track is to take a close inspection. Place your finger on the positive plates and track, if it bends, replace it as the metal has gone through a transmutation.

Power Supply

What is the significance of the lights on the power supply

The significance of the lights is to show you firstly that the power is on - the first green light is only a "power on" indicator, then as the lights increase it is showing you how much power the unit is supplying to the array in the bath.

The more lights, the more power. As a rule 2-5 lights up is the optimal power, any more than that and you are drawing more power which will put more strain on the unit itself.  Also, the metallic plates of the unit will wear out faster if more than five green lights are on. If all the lights come on and start flashing it means your unit is drawing maximum power and will shut itself down. 

I am a little concerned about getting in the footbath with an electrical device. Is it safe

Yes it is perfectly safe. The Q energy spa unit converts the raw electrical energy into a Bio-electric energy that is compatible with the body using water as its medium.  Q Energy Spa has received the U.S. UL approval rating and the European Union's - CE rating.


What is the Warranty on the Q Energy Spa unit

The Warranty on the Q Energy Spa unit, excluding consumable items, (plates, tracks, cables, towels, bags) is 24 months on all models.

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